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With 40 years of accumulated technology, Dongil brazing Co., Ltd. produces heat exchangers, which are key components of boilers and heating and cooling machines, and has a systematic mass-production system using high-precision brazing technology that connects with each other. Starting with exports to Japan, Europe, and the U.S. in the 1990s, the company has been recognized for its quality by obtaining ASME and CE certification, and furthermore, it has acquired ISO9001, 14001 to turn its eyes to the global market. As a company specializing in heating and cooling to mass-produce LG Electronics, Kiturami Boiler, Daesung Celtic Boiler, etc., it has greatly contributed to the domestic heating and cooling industry, and has developed semiconductor equipment such as nickel heat exchanger, cess heat exchanger, titanium heat exchanger, etc. and more efficient heat exchanger for special machine specifications. Dongil Brazing Co., Ltd. will do its best to meet your expectations by improving quality with continuous R&D and competitive edge. Thank you.
CEO of Dongil Brazing Co., Ltd. Kwon Tae In