Better Tomorrow

Successful Business

Since founded in 1985, DONG IL has been focusing on the Plate Heat Exchanger and D-MAX Boiler. Including me, all employees are certified technical masters, engineers, and technicians and working hard with pride to produce the world-best product. The R&D center spares no effort for R&D, the plant produces the best quality products, and offices around Korea provide perfect sales plans and A/S to give customers the top satisfaction.

Try our products, contact DONG IL any time. You will see diligent, qualified and modest staff. With business expansion through technology development, DONG IL has ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environment management system, CE certificate quality product selected by Public Procurement Service, and quality certificate from small and medium Business Administration; and will continue to expedite operation efficiency. I promise you that DONG IL will work hard to be a good company loved by customers.

Thank you always.