• Installing a compact brazed plate heat exchanger teads to an 85~90% reduction in the volume and weight of a shell-and-tube exchanger of the same capacity.
  • The high working temperature(+185℃), high working pressure(180kg/㎠), low working temperature(-160℃), low working presure(2×10-5 Torr, vacuum) is available.
  • A Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger consists of stanless steel AISI 316L in order to withstand tough demands.
  • The compact and smooth surface and design makes it easy and cost-effective to insulate.

열 교환기의 기본 원리

  • Water Supply (Ts=80℃)
  • Hot Water (To=40℃)
  • Returned Water (Tr=45℃)
  • Cold Water (Ti=15℃)

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