Electric Boiler

2-Level Follow-up System


  • The best economic type to get over high oil cost

    The most stable and economic boiler for long time term use regardless of the increase in the oil price and it features the low fuel cost that you can't compare it with other oil and gas cost in this high oil price period.
  • Convenience for use

    Installations is easy and especially it is very convenient because all functions can be controlled in indoor.
  • Outstanding safety

    No need to worry about intoxication, fire and explosion by poisonous gas and completely safety operation can be done with the self-diagnosis functions.
  • Latest Auto-operation type

    No operation noise at all when contacted due to the latest electronic control and non-contact SCR adopted. No effect to other electric appliances and it is very convenient because of the automatic operation in line with the indoor thermostat.
  • Pleasant heating to value the environment

Percentage table by different energies

Comparison by boiler types

Type DMAX City gas Electric panel Midnight electricity LPG Heating oil
Conosumer rate 67.90kw/h 677.69₩/㎡ 67.90kw/h 56.30kw/h 1,650₩/kg 1,460₩/ℓ
Fuel consumption amount 12kw/h 1.21㎡/h 17kw/h 26kw/h 1.1kg/h 1.42ℓ/h
Percentage 100% 102% 143% 182% 224% 258%